A truly advantageous asset
A choice investment

Invest in oil

Oil is a truly advantageous asset that is easy to trade for individuals that wish to invest online.

Advantageous asset

Compared to other assets, oil offers numerous advantages including that of being extremely easy to trade.

Choice placement

Investing in the price per oil barrel is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make profits at the present time.

A profitable asset:

Crude oil is one of the financial assets that offers the strongest price variations. This therefore enables the generation of major profits even over the very short term.

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High performance trading:

Using the CFD and Forex trading platforms, you can invest in barrels of oil directly online. Investors can benefit from numerous tools placed at their disposal to assist in their trading.

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A simplified analysis:

The fundamental and technical factors that influence the price of oil are clearly identified and easy to recognise and interpret.

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A rapid investment:

Only a few minutes are needed to open an online trading account and access the oil markets: Another good reason to subscribe to a reputable and secure broker.

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Take position on the oil price

If you plan to invest in oil and speculate on the price of this highly popular commodity then you are in the right place! Here you will find practical information and explanations concerning crude oil on the stock markets that will assist you in better understanding this market and how to invest profitably. Of course, you can also follow the current price per barrel of oil for Brent and WTI enabling you to follow and analyse the latest trends in real time.

Where is the price per barrel of oil quoted?

It is on the Spot market that physical oil in the form of barrels is traded. It is the petroleum companies and refiners that proceed with these trades amongst themselves. Of course, the crude oil is quoted continuously, 24/24, on major financial markets at the New York Mercantile Exchange or NYMEX, and the Intercontinental Exchange in London or ICE.
On these two markets, the oil is not traded in its physical form but ‘on order’, contrary to the Spot market.
The oil barrel price changes therefore in real time according to the positions taken by traders. The reference price generally used in Europe is that of Brent, the European crude oil. This price is different to that of WTI or Dubai Light, both of which you can also trade on the online trading platforms.

Trading in oil in real time:

To trade in real time on barrels of oil it is recommended to use an online trading platform offering CFDs or binary options. You can thereby speculate on the rise or fall in the oil barrel price.

Invest in oil!
*CFD service - Your capital is at risk

The factors that influence the price of oil